This Spring, make plans to join us for STRANGER THINGS, a series of the Bible’s most impossibly true stories, including a man who died for his friends and lived to tell about it, a talking donkey, a Mother’s Day miracle, and more. Through them all, God showed up in the most miraculous of ways.

But these are not just a collection of old stories that mean nothing to us today...God wants to show up in our lives, too.


April 14 - 16 | Tim Harlow
Easter Changes Everything

Sunday, April 23 | Tim Harlow
You're Fired!
Three Men and a Furnace

Sunday, April 30 | Todd Clark
A Killer Sermon - Literally!
Surviving the Upside-Down

Sunday, May 7 | Tim Harlow
Donkey Talk
A Man and His Jackass

Sunday, May 14 | Tim Harlow
Let's Make a Deal
A Mother's Day Miracle