Adult Events at Parkview

Women's Bible Study
Thursdays, Apr. 6 - May 11

Women's Bible Study

Thursdays from April 6 to May 11
6:00 - 8:00 pm | New Lenox Campus

Join us for our first women’s study, Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask by Angela Thomas-Pharr. Angela looks boldly at some of the fears and struggles of being a woman, and she helps us see how we can be brave in the face of those challenges.

It takes a brave woman to ask these questions and dig into these topics alongside other believers. We've all got insecurities, flaws, and struggles that we're afraid to address. But if we can be brave enough to raise the questions, God will answer us.

You've got questions. God's got answers. Be brave. Ask.

The cost for this study is FREE. However, you will get the most out of this study by purchasing a study book. You can find it on Amazon here

Discover Parkview
a "next step" event!

Discover Parkview

Sunday, April 30
10:30 - 11:30 am | New Lenox Campus

Discover Parkview is a one-hour event held regularly at all Parkview campuses where you can get to know us a little better, and we can get to know you!

At Discover Parkview, we’ll give you a snapshot of our story, and update you on where God is leading us as His church.

We’ll also talk about ways that you can grow and get connected at your own pace through a variety of next steps, such as baptism, small groups, classes, and serving opportunities, both inside and outside the church. (This is also Parkview's membership class.)

Whether you’re new to Parkview or have been around for a while, Discover Parkview will help you take a next step in living the full life that Jesus has for you! (John 10:10)

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Sunday, May 21: 10:30 - 11:30 am
  • Sunday, June 25: 10:30 - 11:30 am


Money & Marriage Seminar
Thursday, May 11

Dave Ramsey Seminar

Thursday, May 11 at 6:30 pm
Orland Park Campus

It's time for a fun night out with your spouse! A night to laugh, make plans, and grow together. A night to reconnect and realign the goals of your relationship and your finances. 

This Money & Marriage event by Dave Ramsey will provide all that and more! During this exciting event you will:

  • Learn fresh ways to effectively communicate with your spouse.
  • Gain a better understanding of each other and your financial goals.
  • Walk away, hand in hand, ready to take on the world together!

You'll love hearing from psychologist and award‑winning author Dr. Les Parrott as well as money expert and #1 New York Times best‑selling author Rachel Cruze. Les is the creator of the game‑changing Deep Love Assessment—a highly customized tool for couples at any age or stage.

And as an added bonus, national best-selling author Chris Hogan will be here to teach you how to communicate about your financial dreams as you head toward retirement. Together, they'll help you gain a renewed vision of your relationship.

This will be a night you'll never forget!

Use promotional code PARKVIEWCC for $10 off plus no $5.99 service fee. Click REGISTER for current pricing.

Business Seminar
Friday, May 12

Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership

Friday, May 12 at 8:30 am
Orland Park Campus

At EntreLeadership 1-Day, we're sharing the six essentials of business that are based on the hard-learned lessons of Dave Ramsey, who built his business from a card table in his living room to the nationally recognized brand and awesome workplace that it is today.

Taught by Dave and Ramsey Solutions business experts Chris Hogan and Christy Wright, EntreLeadership will cover:

  1. Leadership - Become the type of leader others want to follow.
  2. People - Build unity and loyalty within your team.
  3. Money - Learn bulletproof principles for money, debt and funding your future.
  4. Time Management - Get more traction by budgeting your time wisely.
  5. Team Quality - Our championship team is no accident. Learn Dave's methods of hiring and firing.
  6. Higher Calling - WHY you're doing business is more important than how you're doing it.

The information you'll get at this event is not just theory. These are tools you can start implementing as soon as you get home. You and your team will see measurable results.

Use promotional code PARKVIEW for $20 off plus no $5.99 service fee. Click REGISTER for current pricing.

Baby Dedication Class
Why dedication?

Baby Dedication Class

Christian parents who dedicate a child are making a promise to the Lord to do everything within their power to raise the child in a godly way, praying for the day when he or she makes a personal decision to follow God.

If you are interested in having your child dedicated at Parkview, we would like to invite you to one of our next baby dedication classes!

At this mandatory class led by some of our pastors, we’ll outline what baby dedication means and help you find ways to raise your child in a healthy and spiritually powerful way! Both parents are encouraged to attend this class.

Sunday, June 11 at 9:30 am

If you have previously taken this class and would like to schedule your child(ren)'s ceremony, please email us for dates and more info.


Missions 101
Mandatory class

Missions 101

Tuesday, May 16
7:00 pm | Orland Park Campus

You will learn why Parkview does missions, the different types of sponsored trips, and also specific details about what it takes to be a participant or leader of a Parkview mission trip.

This is a mandatory class for everyone who plans to participate in any Parkview-sponsored mission trip.

Holy Land Trip
with Pastor Tim

Holy Land Trip with Pastor Tim

October 31 to November 9, 2017

Is visiting Israel on your bucket list? Then join Pastor Tim and Denise Harlow for an unforgettable trip to the Holy Land! We'll walk where Jesus walked in Jerusalem, Caesarea, the Garden of Gethsemane, and much more. We'll even be taking a boat trip across the Sea of Galilee! This journey will be educational, informational, but most of all inspirational.

The hotels are beautiful, the food is fantastic, and the people are unforgettable.