Come and see where God is Working

See firsthand how God’s love is changing lives
— locally and worldwide.

You’ll get a chance to experience the joy of building relationships, learning from other people and cultures, and discovering where God has gifted you to make an impact.

How to Get Involved

Local Opportunities

Volunteer at Parkview

Live out your faith by plugging into our church community and supporting others around you.

Volunteer in the Community

Get connected to a diverse network of local ministry partners to discover how you can serve in the Chicago area.

Global Opportunities

Attend a Global 101 class.

Your first step into global service. Check our calendar for upcoming dates!

Join a Global Team.

Explore opportunities across different continents on our GO calendar.

Support our global partners.

Learn about and support people already making an impact globally.

Have more questions about Global Trips?

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Support Through Giving

Many of our local and global efforts are supported through your generous gifts.