<p>DCFS Licensed</p>
DCFS Licensed

DCFS Licensed

We are DCFS licensed which means:

  • Our teacher-child ratios for preschool are 1:8 or 1:10 and for kindergarten, it is 1:20.
  • Our teachers have met Early Childhood Education requirements.  
  • All staff members have been first-aid and CPR certified, have passed a thorough medical exam including a TB test, and have been fingerprinted and background checked.
  • All hot lunches and snacks are planned for nutritional value.  Lunches contain all four food groups and all snacks include two of the four food groups.
  • Our tables, toys, and classrooms are cleaned regularly with a DCFS approved cleaning solution of bleach and water.
  • Our children are required to wash their hands numerous times while they are present. This significantly reduces the spread of germs and illnesses.
  • Our curriculum, equipment and toys, food program, and staff are all DCFS-approved.