<p>DivorceCare<br />
Experience hope & healing</p>
Experience hope & healing


Divorced or separated? You don’t have to go through it alone. With Parkview’s DivorceCare, you can find help, discover hope, and experience healing. This 13-week Christ-centered program offers valuable tools to help you move forward in life and get closer to God.

The cost is $20.00 for materials, payable at the first session.

Registration is now closed. Please check back in August for the next class start date.

Questions? Please call 708-478-7477, Ext. 235.


This program is designed for those who are:

  • Divorced or separated
  • Searching for a way to move forward in your life
  • In need of healing from emotional pain associated with a broken marriage or relationship
  • In need of hope for the future
  • Looking for a way to accept their situation and grow from it

Topics Covered

  • What's Happening to Me?
  • The Road to Healing / Finding Help
  • Facing My Anger
  • Facing My Depression
  • Facing My Loneliness
  • What Does the Owner's Manual Say?
  • New Relationships
  • Financial Survival
  • KidCare
  • Single Sexuality
  • Forgiveness
  • Reconciliation
  • Moving On, Growing Closer to God