Early Childhood


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1. WATCH the worship and story video together (get up and dance along!!)

2. TALK it through together:
  • What very special gift did God give us? (Jesus)
  • Who does God love? (Everyone in the whole world!)
  • Who loves you? (God loves me!)
3. PRACTICE the Memory Verse together.
  • “Nothing at all (shake head and wave your arms in front of you) can separate (lock your fingers together) us from God’s (point up with both hands) love (hug yourself). Romans 8:39.” (Open your hands like a book.)
  • Practice it a few times. In Parkview Kids, we like to practice saying it in lots of different ways like super fast, reeeeeaaalllyyy sllloowwwllllyyyy, LOUD, soft, etc.

4. PRAY together.

  • “Dear God, Thank you for making me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for sending Jesus to be my friend forever. Amen."

5. MAKE SOMETHING - Art Activity

  • Today we are making a craft to help us remember the important truth - God loves the world so much He gave us Jesus. Print the attached craft or recreate your own using paper and markers!

6. PLAY 

  • We are playing Freeze Dance today!
  • Turn on Friend Forever and have a dance party!
  • Pause the music and FREEZE! To unfreeze, ask your child the question - “Who loves you?” “God loves me!”

You did it! Continue the conversation all week long!

Looking for some more worship music, Parkview Kids style? Make sure you check out our Parkview Early Childhood Worship playlist on Spotify or YouTube!