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    This Weekend!
    November 16 - November 24

    November 16 - November 24

    Whether it’s sitting next to a new friend at lunch, going to a birthday party, or watching a game at someone’s house, all of us have benefited from someone inviting us to something. But there’s an invitation we can extend that may change someone’s life forever. And the opportunity to extend that invitation exists now more than ever.

    November 16-17
    Tim Harlow

    November 23-24
    Todd Clark

    Homer Glen Times

    New Lenox Times

    Orland Park Times

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    21 Days of Gratitude
    November 7 - 27

    This Thanksgiving season, we invite you to join us in 21 Days of Gratitude!

    For 21 days starting Thursday, November 7, we’ll post a short video on Facebook from Parkview’s staff sharing something they’re thankful for. We will also give you a passage of scripture to read while you reflect on what you are personally grateful for.

    This is a great way to prepare not only for Thanksgiving but also to continue being grateful to God every day after!

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    Discover Parkview
    Take a next step!

    Discover Parkview is a one-hour event held regularly at all Parkview campuses where we’ll give you an overview of our story, update you on where God is leading us as His church, and give you an opportunity to ask questions!

    We’ll also talk about ways that you can grow and get connected at your own pace through a variety of next steps, such as baptism, small groups, and serving opportunities, both inside and outside the church.

    Whether you’re new to Parkview or have been around for a while, Discover Parkview will help you take a next step in living the full life that Jesus has for you! (John 10:10)

    Sunday, December 8 | 10:30 am - 11:30 am
    Questions? Contact Matt Baird

    Sunday, December 8 | 10:30 am - 11:30 am
    Questions? Contact Adam Ader

    Sunday, December 8 | 10:30 am - 11:30 am
    Questions? Contact Nathan Jones


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    Rooted Experience
    A life-changing next step

    Mondays, September 9 to November 11
    6:30 to 8:30 pm at all campuses

    More than a program, seminar, or small group, Rooted is a catalyst for life change - inspiring questions, conversations, connections, and experiences where you will see and hear from God in new and surprising ways.

    During this session, Rooted groups meet for ten weeks at all campuses on Monday nights, and there are also two additional gatherings (a prayer and serving experience) determined by your group. The final Rooted Celebration will be held at the Orland Park Campus on Friday, November 15.

    The cost for Rooted is $50/person, which covers the cost of participant materials, facilitator resources, and the celebration dinner. Childcare is available for children from birth through 5th grade ($50/child for the ten weeks). Please don’t sign up for Rooted if you know you will miss more than two meetings.

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