<p>Fear of Missing Out!<br />
April 18 - May 26</p>
Fear of Missing Out!
April 18 - May 26


Fear of Missing Out
April 18 - May 26, 2019

FOMO is a universal human condition. We all experience it at one time or another - the fear of missing out. We're afraid to miss out on the big promotion, the perfect date, the "essential" things that other people have, or the exclusive party where all the cool people are. We want to know, we want to see, and we want to have - everything.
But the best part of having a relationship with Jesus is that there is no missing out because we're already in. We've got a VIP pass to the party now, and we're guaranteed to be at the most spectacular party of all - the one that will last forever!
Jesus will take away your FOMO and replace it with peace and contentment. All you have to ask, and then walk with Him.

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