<p>​Love Well<br />
Parents of LGBTQ children</p>
​Love Well
Parents of LGBTQ children

​Love Well

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Love Well is faith-based support for parents and loved ones of LGBTQ individuals, where they can bring their pain and confusion and can process their common experiences together. In this safe and  confidential environment, parents begin to recognize that they are not alone, and that God is enough for them...even for this journey. As we look to the example of Jesus, He empowers us to refocus our hearts, and grow in loving our children well, even if we may disagree with their choices.  

Love Well is:

  • A safe environment where confidentiality is prioritized.
  • For parents and loved ones of LGBTQ individuals.
  • Christ-honoring in our topics and goals.
  • Committed to grace-based acceptance of one another.

Love Well is not:

  • A reparative-driven attempt to change an LGBTQ loved one’s sexuality and/or gender identity.
  • An agenda to change anyone’s beliefs other than to know the love of God.
  • A socially-driven political agenda.
  • A place to judge, criticize, or try to fix others and their situations.

No registration is necessary, and all are welcome.

Questions? Contact Jordan Ilg at 708-478-7477, Ext. 422.