<p>Missions 101<br />
Mandatory missions class</p>
Missions 101
Mandatory missions class

Missions 101

Upcoming Class Dates:

Tuesday, September 15th
7:00 pm | Orland Park Campus

STOP! We know what you are thinking.

You have been looking through all of these webpages and GO Trips and you still are not any closer to knowing what you should do or where you fit in.

We totally get it! There’s a lot to take in. We want to invite you to “Missions 101”.

Missions 101 is a 60-minute experience, where you will learn:

  • Why Parkview works globally.
  • Who Parkview partners with around the world.
  • How you can be a part of it!

There is a place for you in the partnerships that God has given to Parkview, around the world. Come to Missions 101 and find it!

This is a required class for everyone who plans to participate in any Parkview GO Trip.