We know parenting is a big job. And raising great kids can be easier when you have a little help. Your church is in your corner cheering you on. We’ve developed a three-part strategic plan to help you raise kids that make wise choices.

1. Prioritize God’s wisdom at home.
Our kids will build their lives on something, and we all want that to be the right thing. God gives us wisdom because he loves us, and we want to help your child know how to apply that wisdom to their life.

Each month, we give your child a “Verse of the Month” postcard and encourage them to take it home and memorize it. When your child is able to bury the truth of God’s wisdom in their heart and mind, you’re giving them a solid foundation to stand on—a foundation that never changes even though the world around them does.

2. Give your child another wise voice.
Every week in Parkview Kids, your child sits in a circle of friends with a caring leader who can be another voice of wisdom in their life. This leader is teaching them about faith and friendship, helping them grow in their trust of God, and pointing them toward Jesus, who loves them more than they could ever imagine. And when your child sits in their Parkview Kids circle as often as they can, that relationship grows stronger and that additional voice of wisdom grows louder.

3. Make Memories with your kids so you can have fun and grow together.
We believe families should have fun…and lots of it! When families have fun together, they grow stronger. That’s why we create a monthly free ebook of 101 Things to Do with your family every season (coming soon!). We believe what happens at home is more even important than what happens at church. When you as parents have fun with your kids, over time your influence with them will grow. And that’s a parenting goal we all want to achieve.