In our last blog post we talked about how to show up for our kids in the regular rhythms and routines of our day. You can check out that post here:

But what about those days that aren’t routine? What about those times when they are hurting or they’ve had a particularly tough day. Here are three quick, easy ideas to show up for them in a practical way:

  1. Little ones: Hang a heart on their door and tell them it’s to remind them how much mommy and daddy love them.

Big kids: Text them a screenshot of an encouraging quote.

  1. Put their favorite snack or treat in their room with a note reminding them that you are rooting for them.
  2. Pick them up early from school and do something fun together.

These may seem small, but these deposits when our kids need it most go a long way in building connection between you. When they feel challenging and messy, let’s lean in because that is where relationships are strengthened!