Part of showing up for our kids means slowing down. Life is busy for us and sometimes it may seem next to impossible to feel like we can be there for our busy kids every day – sometimes it feels like we barely see them as it is! Luckily, we already have space in the natural rhythm of our day every day where we can show up for our kids. We just need to take a moment and think about where those spaces are where we can take the natural rhythms or our day and create space for meaningful conversation with our kids.

Our friends at have identified four key times as parents when we can connect with our kids on a consistent basis:

MORNING TIME: Instill purpose by starting off their day with encouraging words.

MEAL TIME: Connect regularly by scheduling time to eat together.

BED TIME: Interpret life when they occasionally open up at the end of the day.

THEIR TIME: Strengthen your relationship by adjusting your plans to show up when they need you.

These are the natural points in time when our kids are naturally wired to lean in and so let’s meet them there every day. It we begin to build these times of connection into our day, our kids will feel loved and that is the beginning of a foundation to build trust and understanding.