The 5 Other Adults Your Child Needs in Their Lives

The question most adults ask kids is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I’ve always had an answer – well, two. My mom was a teacher, and her friends were teachers or nurses, and I looked up to them. These people were not just my role models; they were adults I knew I could trust. People that cared about me and wanted what’s best for me.

They had the same beliefs my mom had. They took time out of their lives to spend time with me. They taught me how to cook, how to garden and how to shop.

But, most importantly they knew my hopes and dreams and fears. These people stood beside me on my happiest days and when I really needed them on my toughest days, like when my mom passed away.

My parents, of course, were the main influences on my life, but their friends helped shape who I became. To this day, these people remain the people I turn to for guidance.