The ULTIMATE Cell Phone Guide for Parents

It’s important for our kids to learn to live productive and good lives in the midst of all the technology options that are afforded to them! On top of that, let’s be honest, you and I will be hypocritical…

One minute we’re telling our kids to get off a game site and focus on homework.

Five minutes later, we’re calling them over to watch a funny YouTubevideo we saw while “working.”

Our current generation of parents has the responsibility of learning, on our own, how to handle this new world that our parents never could have imagined—and how to pass it on to our kids.

Technology is just a new reality to add to the realities of growing up. It’s a lot like teaching a teenager to drive. We tell them to do things we don’t do well ourselves—because we love them and want them to be safe drivers.

And just like learning to drive a car, learning to use technology responsibly takes time. They’ll make mistakes and we’ll need to use those mistakes as teaching opportunities. When it comes to technology, the state doesn’t issue learner’s permits or require written exams and field tests.

We’re on our own with how to hand off ownership of technology to our teenagers.

We’ve provided this Ultimate Cell Phone Guide to help equip you with the tools to allow your students earn the “keys” to their technology. Be a great example. The best thing parents can do for their students is to be the adults you want them to become.