As a parent, have you ever purposefully taken extra time running an errand just to get a little extra quiet? Locked yourself in the bathroom for a moment of peace? Tried to get up before the toddler just to get a hot cup of coffee without interruption only to find said toddler wakes up just minutes after your attempts at quiet?

We have all been there. We are made to crave quiet, specifically quiet time with our Heavenly Father. He wants a relationship with us and relationships only thrive when both parties put in the work. But how do we do that when there isn’t enough sleep, needs all seem urgent and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day?

This podcast from Risen Motherhood helped me reframe my perspective on the time that I do have to open my Bible each day. It left me asking myself the questions, “If Jesus is my first priority, does my schedule reflect that?” and, “If all I have is two minutes, is it still worth being in God’s word?”

The answers to those questions helped me re-prioritize and reframe how I spend time reading the Bible, even if it isn’t under the most ideal circumstances. Mama, God wants a relationship with you. He wants to be in the mundane and the urgent with you. Like all great relationships, they are built over time and consistency. You might not see the immediate benefits, but over time you can reap the great rewards.

You can find the 20-minute podcast below!

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