<p>This Weekend!<br />
October 12 - November 10</p>
This Weekend!
October 12 - November 10

Anxious for Nothing

October 12 - November 10, 2019

Anxious for ___________? We can all fill in that blank at one point or another. Across the nation, anxiety is at an all-time high. We look for peace, but it can be hard to find. While the presence of anxiety may be unavoidable, the prison of anxiety is optional. Looking to break free? Join us for our next series where we look to find calm in a chaotic world.

October 12-13
Tim Harlow

October 19-20
Tim Harlow
October 26-27
Tim Harlow

November 2-3
Tim Harlow with Montell & Kristin Jordan

November 9-10 
Tim Harlow

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