<p>Weekend Series<br />
February 3 to March 4</p>
Weekend Series
February 3 to March 4

Who Needs God

When we look back over history, humankind has reached many great achievements: from putting a man on the moon, to advanced technologies, to the way we travel, and so much more.

So the question is, if we can do all of these amazing things on our own, why do we need God?

Join us for this series as we tackle this eternally important question.

February 3 & 4
Atheism 2.0
Tim Harlow
Discussion Questions

February 10 & 11
Gods of the NO Testament
Todd Clark
Discussion Questions

February 17 & 18
Bible Told Me So
Tim Harlow & Casey Tygrett
Discussion Questions

February 24 & 25
God of Jesus
Tim Harlow
Discussion Questions

March 3 & 4
In-Justice for All
Todd Clark
Discussion Questions

* Based on "Who Needs God" by Andy Stanley

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