<p>Parkview at Home Together<br />

Parkview at Home

As stay at home orders end and restrictions start to loosen, we encourage you to expand your home campus. Invite over a few guests and watch Parkview at Home Together.

Below is a quick guide with everything that you need to host church in your home or you can find a printable version HERE


  • Invite Your Friends!
    • Gather with friends, family, neighbors, or your small group
    • Please follow your local CDC guidelines for gatherings
  • Prepare Your Home
    • Make sure there’s a seat for everyone
    • Identify a place for kids to hang out and experience Parkview Kids online
    • Get communion elements ready (crackers or bread and some juice)
  • Prepare Your Tech
    • Use any smart device that can access YouTube (we recommend your smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire Stick)
    • Search for Parkview Christian Church on YouTube
    • A new Parkview at Home is released at 4:30 pm every Saturday
    • For kids, something as simple as an iPad is great. Parkview kids online content is available on YouTube, Facebook, and on our website.
  • Welcome Your Friends
    • Greet everyone warmly
    • Serve some snacks
    • Help people feel comfortable
  • Enjoy Parkview at Home Together!
    • Begin whenever you’re ready. You’re on your own time schedule
    • Encourage everyone to participate (sing along with music, etc.)
    • Use the on-screen discussion question(s) with your friends after the online service concludes
    • Serve communion after the service ends. (instructions are available at HERE)