1. Develop a daily "training time" that includes prayer and Bible reading.  

Getting Set (5 min)

  • Just take a few minutes to settle as you get started. Turn off your phone’s notifications (or just turn it off all the way!), get your coffee or drink of choice, and take a few deep breaths as you sit down.
  • This is a good time to jot down any to-do items or things you want to remember. Write them down so they don’t distract you during the next few minutes. 

Scripture (10 minutes)

Before you start reading, pause, and ask God to help you hear what you need to hear. Remember, this is about quality not quantity. We don’t have to read a lot of Scripture for this to be a good practice. The point is to let God begin to shift our minds and help us see the world differently – to see everything the way that He sees things.

  • Read the Scripture you’ve chosen for today. You can use a reading plan from YouVersion (Bible.com or iPhone/Android app) or the daily passage from Parkview’s Reading Guide (see below).
  • Plan on reading slowly, and read the passage multiple times. Sometimes it helps to read it out loud, especially if reading silently isn’t something you often do.
  • When you’re finished, write down 1-2 questions or observations you have about what you read. 
  • Think about someone in your life (family member, friend, co-worker) that is a person of faith. Consider talking with them about what you read today.

Prayer (5 minutes)

Use the following as a guide for what to say as you pray. If you’re already comfortable with praying, use whatever style of prayer is comfortable for you.

  • God, you’re good because _________
  • God, today I need _________
  • God, what do you need me to know? 
  • Help me as I go into life differently today.

This isn’t a strict guide, but we recommend sticking with it for a couple of days before changing anything. After getting the habit going, then you can make changes. 

2. Find someone you can train – and/or train with.

Join one of our Facebook Groups. Leave a comment letting everyone know what plan you are reading or join in on someone else's plan!

Get involved in a small group.

Bible Reading Guide

Use the daily guide included here or the suggested YouVersion reading plans.

Week of June 8
Monday – John 1:1-8
Tuesday – John 1:9-14
Wednesday – John 1:15-18
Thursday – John 1:28-34
Friday – John 1:35-42

Week of June 15
Monday – John 2:1-12
Tuesday – John 3:1-15
Wednesday – John 4:1-15
Thursday – John 4:46-52
Friday – John 5:19-23

Week of June 22
Monday – John 5:24-27
Tuesday – John 6:1-15
Wednesday – John 6:35-40
Thursday – John 7:14-18
Friday – John 7:19-24

Week of June 29
Monday – John 7:37-44
Tuesday – John 8:12-20
Wednesday – John 8:31-36
Thursday – John 9:1-25
Friday – John 10:1-10

*Feel free to use Saturday & Sunday to catch up on any reading you may have missed during the week. 


Suggested Reading Plans from YouVersion: