Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler help you understand and apply the gospel to common issues moms face so you can connect your Sunday morning faith to the Monday morning tantrum.

Sharing from their unique experiences and shared philosophy, the authors help parents navigate questions like “What if the ‘right’ way doesn’t feel ‘right’?” and “Could there be more than one way to honor God as I care for my baby?”

Overflowing with practical ideas, short Bible studies, and plenty of encouragement, this inspiring resource will help moms to realize that—with God’s wisdom and mercy—they can experience peace and satisfaction while raising their kids.

This book reminds parents that phases are not just periods of time to be survived, but opportunities to be maximized. It gives parents a simple strategy for parenting every week like it counts. It can help them reprioritize their time with their kids; it may even change how they see their kids and themselves.

In this extraordinary book, Dr Ross Campbell helps parents manifest love toward their children in all situations of child-rearing through the teen years.

The authors will guide you in truly appreciating your kids. They will teach you how to study and become an expert on your children, because you cannot fully embrace them until you truly know them.

In this digital age, children spend more time interacting with screens and less time playing outside, reading a book, or interacting with family. Though technology has its benefits, it also has its harms. In Screen Kids Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane will empower you with the tools you need to make positive changes.


Every parent could probably agree on one driving desire: we all want to be great parents that give our kids something meaningful to build their life on. The thing is… that seems to be getting harder all the time. Is it still possible to raise our Kids with a strong foundation of faith? We believe so! With a fresh new perspective and the right biblical wisdom, any parent—no matter who they are or where they start—can give their kids the gift of a resilient faith the world simply cannot break.

We know reading the Bible every day can be hard. It’s easy to feel stuck, lost, or unsure where to start. This podcast will serve as a complement to our reading plans, to encourage you on your commute to work, while you’re out for a walk, or at home making dinner. God’s Word is for you and for now.

Dad Tired is a community of men who are taking their faith, family, and marriage very seriously. We are equipping Christian husbands and dads to lead their family well. Past guests include: Gary Chapman, Cody Carnes, John Mark Comer, John Eldredge, Bob Goff, Matthew West, Risen Motherhood, Tony Dungy, Paul David Tripp, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Darryl Strawberry, Lecrae, Beneil Dariush, and many more!

Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Melissa Trevathan share some of what they’re learning in the work they do with kids and families on a daily basis at Daystar Counseling Ministries. Their goal is to help people care for their kids with a little more understanding, a little more practical help, and a whole lot of hope.

A daily podcast released every weekday, the Parenting Today’s Teens Podcast features Mark Gregston, a parenting expert who has worked with teens and parents for over 45 years. Enlightening, up-to-date, practical, and something every parent would enjoy listening to. Raw at times, challenging at other times, but always hopeful to get your family to a better place in an adolescent culture that is sometimes a little contrary to what you believe and want for your teen.

A podcast for moms. Join us as we explore how the ancient scriptures apply to modern motherhood and provide the framework for finding answers to your specific questions. As part of the greater Risen Motherhood ministry, in-depth, topical mini-series are released periodically.


Parkview Kids weekly videos are a great way to have quality family time and teach your kids about the incredible love of God – and it’s ready for you every Saturday!

Commonly referred to as the Netflix of faith-based videos, RightNow Media provides more than 12,000 video s that you can access whenever and wherever you want – on your mobile devices, computer, or TV. Designed to help us grow and strengthen our faith, there are videos available for everyone – from small groups, kids, and students, to single adults, parents, married couples, and more.

Parent smarter, not harder! Join half a million parents using the Parent Cue app to raise kids with faith and character. Develop your child’s character with content from leading experts; build an everyday faith through fun Bible story videos, memory verses, prayers, and conversation prompts; establish a lasting connection by making the most of the moments you already spend together.

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Parents are notoriously hard on themselves. And why not? Raising humans is quite possibly the most important thing you’ll do! And since the greatest challenge of parenthood is figuring out if you are doing it right… we’ll be here to guide you.